World Trade Profit review – a scam broker to rip you off

In this review we show you why you should not trade financial markets with the WorldTrade Profit broker.

What is WorldTrade Profit about

World Trade Profit reviewWorld Trade Profit is a broker that will let you trade cryptocurrencies and binary options on various assets.

The company claims to be located in New Jersey, USA, and to be regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Is this a broker that you can trust?

World Trade Profit scam

World Trade Profit scamLet’s kick off this WorldTrade Profit review by debunking the most outrageous claim of this broker. We often say that people should trade only with regulated brokers and World Trade Profit says it is regulated by the CFTC. So, where is the problem?

World Trade Profit is not regulated at all! The statement about a license from the CFTC is completely false. You can check any US broker with FINRA, we did it with World Trade Profit and we got a confirmation that it is not licensed to provide investment services.

If a broker is openly lying about its regulatory status, it for sure is a scam. People will think their deposits are safe, because they are trading with a regulated broker, but in this case they are not.

World Trade Profit testimonial

This scam broker was brought to our attention by one of you readers who sent us his World Trade Profiit testimonial. The broker kept making up reasons for him to deposit more and more money, but never let him withdraw anything.

There you have it, this is how unregulated brokers often operate, it is pure robbery, they just take deposit from people and never give anything back.

And forget about WorldTrade Profit reviews and testimonials shown on the website of the broker, they are fake, fraudsters have made them up, they have nothing to do with real clients of this company.

So, don’t get fooled by this broker, no matter what they promise you, it is a scam made purely to steal your money.

WorldTrade Profit review conclusion

World Trade Profit is a scam broker, it is not regulated, and it can only lose your money. Stay away from it.

For financial trading use only brokers that are really regulated and always start on a demo account so that you don’t risk your money straight away.

Only when you have learned trading and when you understand the risks, you can start investing real money.

WorldTrade Profit

250 USD








  • Obvious


  • Lying
  • Scam
  • Made to steal money
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  • So I was given the number of a guy by my sister to check out who was contacting her about investing with their company the guy claimed that he is a account manager with the company. I asked all the questions that came to me in order to feel a bit safe and got a reasonable answer. There were things that concerned me but talking to the guy and being assured that I would not have a problem I decided to take his word for it. I tried finding reviews about the company online but at the time I couldn’t find any so I decided to take the chance. He said after three day my account will stop counting and I will be able to withdraw or reinvest my money.
    On the day my account was to stop counting I got an email from support of the company stating that it is an emergency. It stated that the software that is connected to my account is glitching and my profit is not updating properly so I need to $1200 to upgrade my account in order to continue. I told them to use the funds in my account to upgrade my account and they said that they can’t do that and I need to send the money.
    I told them I have no more money and they insist that I try to get it because my account will go dormant and it will be hard to start it back when I get the money after it goes dormant.
    I was told by support that my account will go dormant in a week time, today however the account manager message me and told me that my account will go dormant on November 30th and after that it will be deleted.
    So I decided that I want to let people know not to invest with this company. I presently live in the Caribbean in a small island call Trinidad and Tobago.

  • I was also scammed by World Trade Profit. A lady from Instagram who messaged me about their business and I continued talking with her on whatsapp. Her name on IG is Kathy_bitcointrader at first then she changed now with _3 at the last account name. She introduced me to a guy named Alex Brayden who claimed as my account manager. He gave me instructions where to fund my wallet and then he started to trade for me. He asked me for some fees like commission which was acceptable but when I paid the support asked me to pay for the upgrade cost. Each time I paid for the fees there would be more coming and they would never give my profit. Then I’d been skeptical when they asked me to pay for the tax fees before I will get my profit. I demand for any copy of company registration documentation and then the support advised that it’s their company policy not to send out documents. I think there would be no problem to send one if they are legit right? I started reporting them to a regulatory organization just to warn people how they defraud people.

    • Hi
      I’m Sina
      Iranian with $ 300 monthly income
      The company has asked me for fifteen thousand dollars under various titles
      And to get a return on investment every time a new excuse
      Account promotion commission tax and ….
      Let’s get rid of these crooks together
      I’ve spoken to a lawyer she’s ready to help

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