Wozur review – a giant SCAM ready to attack your money

In this review we reveal that Wozur is a terrible scam that you absolutely should not invest your money with.

What Wozur is about

Wozur reviewWozur is said to be a trading and investment platform for cryptocurrencies. You are supposed to sign up and invest your own money. The platform will then generate you profits.

How much you can make? There are three investment plans with daily returns from 1.5% to 2%. It all depends on how much you will deposit.

Is this thing real?

Wozur is a scam, beware!

Wozur investment scamThe first thing we do in every review is that we study the investment plans, because most of the times it is revealing enough for a quick conclusion. Wozur is no different, a quick look at the investment plans confirms that this program is a fraud.

Why? Because 1.5% or 2% daily are absolutely ridiculous numbers that are equal to 45% and 60% monthly respectively. This is something no legitimate investment service can do. It is a fact, just accept it as it is, it will help you avoid many troubles.

You can be absolutely be sure that any investment program that promises fixed daily 2% returns is a scam, because there just is not another possibility. It is a quick and reliable way to asses this type of opportunities.

Illegal program

The companyOne important thing worth noticing is that Wozur allegedly is based in the British Virgin Islands. And it offers its services in the UK, US, Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. All these countries require investment services to be regulated, it is the law.

So, is Wozur regulated? Not at all! It has no license whatsoever, it is an illegal investment program that is breaking the laws of at least the above mentioned countries.

Wozur testimonials

Wozur user's testimonialThe last proof that we will provide in this Wozur review is the fact that the testimonial on its website is blatantly fake.

Check our picture and you will see that the alleged customer is in fact a model on a stock photo that has nothing to do with trading. It is a fictional client with a fake story.

How it really works

It is clear that Wozur was set up as a Ponzi scheme. It means that there is no trading or investing going on, just an illegal financial game. People will deposit money into the system and the administrators will take some of this money and redistribute it on profits.

Such a system always quickly fails, because withdrawals quickly exceed deposits. The same will happen in this case, it is only a matter of time before it collapses and people realize all the money is lost.

Wozur review conclusion

Wozur is a total scam, an illegal investment scheme that is doomed to fail. Stay away from it!

If you really want to try investing into cryptocurrencies, try it first on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Practice with virtual money, understand trading and the risks, only then you can use real money. And forget about making 2% returns every day, it just is not possible.


100 USD



Trading system


Real results



  • Complex website


  • Horrible scam
  • Sure to collapse
  • Illegal program
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  • This is a big scam. One Lucas Miller came up texting me on WhatsApp. And when I caught his stupid scam scheme, he blocked me

  • I have one charting with me on WhatsApp he said his name is Bloris valdimir that he’s from the UK but when I called him he speaks like India people he kept charting me to joined wozur I don’t know if I should or not.

  • I am Brandon from USA i have genuinely followed this company and invested with little in the starting and now i am a franchise owner of this company and yes it’s an genuine and real BVI government based company. If any one have any sort of clarification to get then you can directly live chat with company asking video conference with compang CEO

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