Xsinergia review – a multi-level crypto SCAM that you should avoid

In this Xsinergia review we explain why you should not invest any money into this program.

What Xsinergia is about

Xsinergia reviewXsinergia is presented as the world’s most intelligent cryptocurrency platform. What does it mean? It allegedly can earn you up to 3% daily on your bitcoin investment, on auto-pilot, thanks to and automated trading software.

You also can earn more by referring new people to the system, there is  generous affiliate system.

Xsinergia also claims that will allow you to save money on traveling and that it will provide you with education thanks to its academy. There also is a e-commerce solution and a debit card.

Xsinergia claims to be located in Spain, while the minimum investment is $100.

Xsinergia scam

Xsinergia is an obvious scam, it combines multi-level marketing with cryptocurrencies.

Impossible profits

Xsinergia scamThe first thing we noticed when reviewing Xsinergia is 3% daily returns on your investment with bitcoin. This is a ridiculous number, it would mean almost doubling your money every month. No legitimate company can do this sustainably in the long run.

Add to this up to 10% in referral commissions and you can be sure that Xsinergia is a scam.

The presentation of Xsinergia is so amateurish that it also is a clear indication of a scam. It says that the robot will earn you all those profits in arbitrage trading, which they describe as buying when the price is low and selling when the price is high. But it is false.

Arbitrage is about buying and selling one asset at the same time on two different exchanges with different prices.

Warning from the regulator

Another huge problem of Xsinergia is that it acting illegally, it is providing investment services without the necessary authorization. Anybody can say what they want, but once you accept money from people and promise them returns, it is an investment service, no matter the underlying asset.

Xsinergia is providing investment service but is not regulated. This has been noted by the Spanish financial regulator CNMV which even published a warning against this company saying that it is not authorized.

Xsinergia review conclusion

Xsineriga is an unauthorized investment service and a scam, stay away from it!

Forget about steady 100% monthly returns, they are not possible. You can try a free demo with a regulated broker to see how trading is difficult and what kind of profits can you expect if you manage to build a profitable strategy.

And don’t forget that in real trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful.


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