Zenabis Invest review – Dirty SCAM and illegal clone

Zenabis Invest review

This review is a warning about the fake Zenabis Invest company that is offering investments in cryptocurrencies.

What is Zenabis Invest

Zenabis Invest is presented as an investment company with the mission to spread the benefits of cryptocurrency trading.

The company supposedly developed trading systems that help it generate substantial profits in crypto trading.

Zenabis offers five different investment plans to the public (Quadra, Blazery, Sage, Fortune, Liberty GO) with daily returns on investment starting at 4.5% and going up to 10.5%.

The minimum deposit for the lowest plan is 50 USD and 25,000 USD for the highest plan. The duration of investment is between 1 and 14 days.

The company claims to be fully registered and trustworthy. We investigate whether it is true, whether Zenabis Invest is legit.

Zenabis Invest is a scam

Our researched showed that Zenabis Invest is a total scam that you should not invest any money with. In this review we explain the main reasons.

Illegal clone

The main dirty trick used by this investment scam revolves around the identity of the company. When you look at the zenabisinvest.com website, you will see photos of the employees of the company and everything looks very real.

And indeed, the photos are not altered, they are real photos of the Zenabis company. There is plenty of information online about Zenabis, it is (was) a big company. So where is the problem?

The problem that Zenabis Invest at zenabisinvest.com does not have anything in common with the real Zenabis Global company and its subsidiary Zenabis Investments.

In other words, Zenabis Invest is a fake company, it is not registered anywhere and it is just abusing the identity of a real company that it has nothing to do with.

In fact, the legit company Zenabis Global no longer exists because it was acquired by another company in 2021.

The registration certificate that Zenabis Invest points you to on the web of the Canadian government belongs to Zenabis Investments Ltd. that has nothing to do with the investment scheme at zenabisinvest.com.

We know it might look confusing, but the crypto investment platform Zenabis Invest just stole the name of a legit company, that is the point we are trying to make here.

Zenabis scam

Fake testimonials

A perhaps more tangible proof that Zenabis Invest is a scam is in the testimonials you will find on its official website. They are of course fake.

The typical trick was used here, stock photos coupled with fictitious stories is all that they are. You will find a proof in our picture below.

Zenabis testimonials are fake

Investment plans tell the whole story

The quickest way to spot the Zenabis scam is to look at the investment plans that offer 4.5 – 10.5% daily returns from crypto trading.

First of all, the legit and real Zenabis company never touched cryptocurrencies. But that’s just another information revealed by research.

What everybody should know without any additional research is that 4 or 10% daily returns are something purely impossible in the real world.

Should Zenabis’ investment plans be real and doable, in just 6 months you would multiply your money 227 times!

It means that you would have to invest only 4405 USD to become a millionaire within half a year. Do you see how absurd it is? Should this be possible, people would stop working, they would be just living off of Zenabis profits.

The reality is that 4% or more daily returns are impossible in any legit business and Zenabis Invest is a scam.

Absurd investment plans

How Zenabis Invest really works

Zenabis Invest is an illegal clone and a scam, possibly a Ponzi scheme. The scheme has stolen the identity of another company to look legit, but in reality it is not registered anywhere and people who run it remain anonymous.

The whole fraud might have started as a Ponzi scheme, so it might had been paying its members in its early phase. Maybe it is paying even now.

But one thing is sure, Zenabis Invest is a scam that is going to collapse, if it hasn’t already happened. And it will happen rather quickly because the offered returns are way too high even for a Ponzi scheme.

Zenabis Invest review – Conclusion

Zenabis Invest is a scam. It uses a name that belongs to another company and it has no right to do it. Money will be lost in this dirty scheme and that is why you have to stay from it.

If you are interested in legit crypto trading, you can try it on a free demo with a regulated company or start on a crypto exchange.

Before investing real money you have to make sure that you understand the risks.

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