Zenocapitals review – a very simple scam to be avoided

Review of Zenocapitals

This review is a warning against the ZenoCapitals scam. If you don’t want to lose money, read this review and stay away from this program.

What is Zeno Capitals

ZenoCapitals is a financial platform that provides investment services to the general public. Zeno Capitals is investing in cryptocurrencies and claims that it can make you money if you invest with them.

The company offers three investment plans with daily returns from 2.5% to 4%. Minimum deposits start at 100 USD.

So, is Zeno Capitals a legit investment program that can make you tens of percent per month?

ZenoCapitals scam

Unfortunately, ZenoCapitals is not what it is said to be. In reality, it is a financial scam, nothing more. It certainly is not a legit investment company, they do no real trading on financial markets. It’s just a criminal financial game.

Here are the proofs.

Fake company

Zeno Capitals is showing a Certificate of incorporation of a private limited company in the UK. However, this certificate that can be seen on its official website, is completely fake.

It is obvious that it has been forged, just look at the font used for the name Zenocapital. It is completely different.

But you can get an easy confirmation with a search on the website of the Companies House. Because the company number provided by Zeno Capitals belongs to another company, which by the way, has been dissolved.

Even more important is the fact that ZenoCapitals is not authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide investment services, which means that it is an illegal operation. It clearly is breaking the laws in the United Kingdom. It can’t legally offer its services anywhere in the world.

But all this should be obvious at first sight. Why? Because Zenocapitals claims to be located in Sweden, they give a Swedish address. So, a Swedish company that is not registered in Sweden but is registered in the UK? That of course does not make any sense.

Fake company

The impossible plans

Zenocapitals has very generous investment plans. 2.5 to 4% daily means 70 to 120% per month. Which means that they would basically be able to double your money every month. But that’s impossible.

No legitimate investment company is able to double money every month. Nobody is such a genius, financial markets are not that predictable, unfortunately.

Imagine if it was possible to double your money every month doing nothing. How would it end? We all would be millionaires and nobody would be working. Which would make money lose its value.

In fact, you can be sure that any investment program promising to double your money every month is a scam. It really is as simple as that.

Investment plans

How Zenocapitals works

It’s clear that Zenocapitals is just another Ponzi scheme that will be quickly gone. It takes money from people and makes it disappear.

Make no mistake, scams like Zenocapitals can be paying in their early days, but they use the latest deposits from people for that. They are not doing any real profit generating activity. They just play a pyramid game with money, which of course is illegal.

One thing is sure, even if Zenocapitals is paying right now, which might not even be the case, it will crash completely one day. We just don’t know when. This is why you have to stay away from it to protect your money.

Zenocapitals review – conclusion

In conclusion, Zenocapitals is a scam based on an illegal financial scheme that is doomed to collapse, no other outcome is possible. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit financial trading, you can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker. With virtual money you will be able to try investing without risking your own money.

If you decide to use real money, please make sure you understand the risks and be careful.


100 USD








  • Nice graphics


  • Fraud
  • Illegal pyramid scheme
  • Will collapse
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