Zoin review – Big scam, that’s it [Danger]

Zoin review

In this review we prove that the Zoin investment platform is a gross scam that shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

What is Zoin

Zoin is presented as a high-frequency trading system that is able to generate 3% daily returns in financial trading.The minimum deposit is 10 USD

One of its main advantages is its speed. The system is trading with cryptocurrencies.

Zoin Systems, which is the company behind this program, is also offering an affiliate program with 20% commission across two levels of referrals.

Is Zoin legit, can you trust this investment program with your money?

Zoin scam

In reality Zoin is an investment scam that you should avoid. It is not a legit investment opportunity, it is a fraudulent scheme that is doomed to collapse and take all the money with it.

Illegal program

Zoin is an investment service. There is no doubt about this, because it takes money from people and promise returns thanks to investing on financial markets. Therefore it has to be authorized and licensed.

Zoin is run by Zoin Systems, which is a company registered in the United Kingdom. The first problem is that it has been incorporated only 10 days ago and the nature of its business is supposed to be “activities of trade unions”. Which doesn’t check.

The second and most important problem is that Zoin Systems is not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, which makes it an unlicensed and illegal investment service.

Zoin se breaking laws in the UK and every other country it is offered in. Investments with this program are not protected in any way.

Zoin Systems scam

Stupid plan

Let’s put it straight, no investment program with 3% daily returns is legit. Zoin is supposed to earn you 3% daily even on weekends, which means 90% monthly. And it’s just impossible in the real world.

These really are the hallmarks of a scam: steady daily high returns like 3%. Not only it is impossible to make 90% every month, it is even more impossible to make 3% every day. Such a consistency is not allowed by financial markets because they keep changing.

Some people struggle to believe this basic fact, they of course would rather double their money every month, but you have to trust us, it is impossible in any legit business to have such returns.

How Zoin works

People often criticize our reviews by saying that we label a paying program a scam. Here is the thing: whether a program is paying or not is not indicative of its true nature.

Because most of programs like Zoin start as Ponzi schemes and these schemes tend to pay for some time. They take money from newer members and use it for payouts to older members. As you can probably imagine, they need the inflow of money to be growing all the time to satisfy the growing withdrawal requests.

So it is no surprise that these schemes always collapse in the end, it always is only a question of time.

If Zoin is paying, it will soon stop, that is for sure. It is a scam that is not creating real values, it is only redistributing money based on an illegal financial scheme. Every potential profit anybody can pull out from Zoin will be tainted, because it will be built on other people losing money.

And because Zoin is using only creyptourrencies and Perfect Money, nobody will be able to get refunds once this house of cards collapses.

How it works

Zoin review – the conclusion

Zoin is a scam, it is based on a Ponzi scheme and it is going down, we just don’t know when. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legitimate investing, open a free demo account with a regulated broker and start testing with virtual money.

If you ever decide to invest real money, please be sure to understand the risks and to take necessary measures to protect your capital with proper risk management.


10 USD

Investment program


Legal aspects





  • Nice graphics


  • Terrible scam
  • Illegal service
  • Sure to collapse
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